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“The Art of Shamisen – Japanese Three-Stringed Lute” will be presented by the Nihon Buyo Kai of California at the James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance on Saturday, September 29, 2018, in a 2:00 matinee.  This unique program will feature eight guest artist musicians from Tokyo, led by Honjoh Hidetaro, composer, performer, consultant, and Headmaster of the Honjoh School of Shamisen. The focus will be to introduce the shamisen and traditional music of Japan to American audiences through narratives, explanations, demonstrations and on-stage interviews in a bilingual and multimedia presentation.  The day after the program, two workshops at the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute will be led by Master Honjoh Hidetaro to those interested in a beginner’s session, with free shamisen rental, or an intermediate/experienced session for advanced players.

The participation of these eight professional guest artists from Japan involve travel costs and honoraria that have necessitated support from not only membership, but also from grants and both individual and corporate donations. We are still seeking donations to fund this program. Please see the Individual Sponsorship levels. This is a tax-deductible donation that will share an important cultural legacy that is hundreds of years old and bridge our diverse communities through music and dance. Your generosity will be acknowledged and will appear in the event program. VIP members will also receive acknowledgment in the event program as well as a 20% discount on ticket purchase. However, because the tickets are available only on the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation website (, we will arrange a 20% reimbursement to you at the event (reception table).

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