Message from the Board of Directors of Nihon Buyo Kai of California​

Dear Japanese Classical Dance Supporters,

We are quickly approaching the end of the year with hopes for good health and a vibrant economy for the coming Year of the Rabbit.

We have some wonderful news to report. The Bando School of Japanese Classical Dance (Bando Kai), based in Tokyo, celebrated its 100th anniversary of the school with two days of performances at the National Theatre of Japan in Tokyo (Kokuritsu Gekijyo). Originally scheduled for September 2020, the much anticipated event occurred two years later on September 17-18, 2022, due to the pandemic. There were four different programs over two days, with 37 classical dances featuring 130 Bando natori and shihan, or dancers awarded stage names. The Headmaster (Iemoto), Bando Minnosuke, performed Yakko Doojouji, which was one of his father’s (Bando Mitsugoro X) signature dances. A group of Bando students from the South Bay attended the event in Japan and were awed by the amazing program and venue, which built in 1966, and were thrilled to be among other classical dance enthusiasts, including dance teachers from many different schools, who came from all parts of Japan for the program.

Meanwhile, the Nihon Buyo Kai will offer its own program, a Virtual Autumn Japanese Classical Dance program, which will be featured on our website for one week, November 13-19, 2022. We will present several local dance teachers, each displaying her own unique style and talents. More information will be forthcoming, so please check this website in the coming weeks.

Thank you, again, for your continued support of Nihon Buyo Kai, Japanese classical dance, and Japanese traditional culture.

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