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Date: November 13-19, 2022

Bunka-Sai Japanese Cultural Festival

情報 (Bunka-Sai)

Date: April 23 and 24, 2022
Location: Torrance Cultural Arts Ceenter

Nihon Buyo and Kimono Vendor at the Torrance Bunka-Sai

The annual Torrance Bunka-Sai is a wonderful opportunity to experience many Japanese cultural performances, exhibits, demonstrations, food and merchandise.

This Japanese cultural festival will be held at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center on Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24, from 11 am to 5 pm.  In addition to cultural activities, there will be food for sale (teriyaki plates, curry, yakisoba, shaved ice, Okinawa dangos) and an Asian-themed craft fair with over 20 vendors (kimonos, jewelry, Japanese themed clothing and accessories, etc.).  Enjoy free stage performers of dance, music, tea ceremony, and martial arts and exhibits and demonstrations of shodo (calligraphy), Ikenobo flower arrangement, bonsai, and art. Each day’s events will open and close to the thunder and excitement of taiko drums.  Admission and parking are free to the 47th annual event which offers attendees an opportunity to experience a little bit of Japan at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center,

The classical dance group Wakahisa Kai, under the instruction of Wakayagi Hisame, will feature excerpts from four classical dances:  Juo No Mai (Yamatogaku); Kishi No Yanagi (Nagauta); Yashiki Musume (Tokiwazu); and Hakata Obi (Wakayagi Kiyoka).  Saturday, 2:30 pm.  Indoor stage.

 Also performing will be the Japanese classical dance group Mai No Kai led by instructor Bando Hiromiya who will present her youngest students ages 3, 5, and 7.  Sunday, 12:55 pm.  Indoor stage.

 Bando Hidesomi will present a short lecture on Japanese dance props—the “omen,” or mask; the “oogi,” or fan; and the “tenugui,” or towel.  Sunday, 1:30 pm.  Assembly Room.

 A kimono vendor will sell kimono and assorted accessories in the Toyota Meeting Hall on both Saturday and Sunday.

 Learn about Japanese music through presentations by Matsutoyo Kai Folk Music; Shawn Schroeder on the shakuhachi; koto by Yuki Yasuda of L.A. Koto Ensemble and by Yoko Awaya Koto Music Conservatory; and classical Japanese percussion instruments by Fuji Japanese Music led by Katada Kimisen.  Martial arts demonstrations include judo, kendo, karate, and naginata.  Soothe the soul by observing a traditional tea ceremony and try your hand at Japanese calligraphy.  Come alive to the drums of four taiko performances:  L.A. Miyake Kai and Hachijo Aikoukai;  Taiko Effect; Asano Youth; and the thrilling finale by Los Angeles Taiko Institute (LATI).  All this and more at the Ken Miller Recreation Center, 3341 Torrance Blvd, at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center (next to the James Armstrong Theatre). Proceeds benefit the student exchange program of the Torrance Sister City Association (TSCA), which, in 2023, will celebrate its 50-year friendship with the City of Kashiwa in Japan.  Visit TSCA’s website, (under Bunka-Sai) and learn about the anime contest open to middle and high school students. Winners will be announced at the Bunka-Sai on Saturday.

NBKウェブサイト情報 (Bunka-Sai)



日本文化祭は、4月23日(土)~24日(日)の午前11時から午後5時まで、Torrance Cultural Arts Centerで開催されます。  文化活動に加えて、食べ物(照り焼き、カレー、焼きそば、かき氷、沖縄ダンゴ)の販売や、20以上のアジアをテーマにした販売(着物、ジュエリー、日本の服やアクセサリーなど)クラフトフェアがあります。 ダンス、音楽、茶道、武道の意志の無料ステージパフォーマンスや、書道、池のぼうフラワーアレンジメント、盆栽、アートの展示をお楽しみください。毎日のイベントは、逞しい太鼓のエキサイティングな響きで始まり、終わります。

第47回イベントは入場と駐車場が無料で、参加者はTorrance Cultural Arts Centerで少し日本を体験することができます。

序の舞(大和学);岸の柳 (長唄) ; 屋敷娘(常盤津);博多帯(若柳清花) 


Shawn Shroeder氏による尺八;L.A.琴アンサンブルの安田祐希氏と粟谷洋子氏;そして片田君千氏が率いる富士日本音楽による日本のクラシック打楽器。
生き生きとした4つの太鼓演奏;L.A.三宅会と八条愛光会、太鼓効果 ; 浅野青年, ロサンゼルス太鼓研究所(LATI)によるスリルなフィナーレ。

Ken Miller Recreation Center
3341 Torrance Blvd, at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center



2021 Virtual Autumn Japanese Classical Dance Program

Date:  October 17-23, 2021

Free 70 Minute Virtual Program of Japanese Classical Dance.

Virtual Dance Event October 2021 - Japanese flyer
Virtual Dance Event October 2021 - Japanese flyer

Fall Dance and Lecture Event

Date:  Saturday, October 19, 2019
Location:  First Lutheran Church, 2900 Carson St., Torrance, CA 90503
Time:  2:00 to 4:30 pm

An Afternoon of Japanese Dance: Performance with Lecture/Demonstration on the Koken (Stage Assistant) (in Japanese with English translation)


  • Bando Toshitaro, Guest Artist from Bando Kai Japan


  • Azuma Kikusue (representing Azuma Sumako II)
  • Bando Hidesomi
  • Wakayagi Kiyoka and Wakayagi Rinsen (for Wakayagi Hisame)

See Gallery for photos of this event.

Learn the secrets behind this on-stage-costume-quick-change.  Take a peek at this video!

The Art of Shamisen

September 29, 2018 / 2:00 pm

James R. Armstrong Theater, Torrance, California
3330 Civic Center Drive
Torrance, CA  90503

Guest Artists From Japan:

  • Honjoh Hidetaro, Headmaster of the Honjoh School of Shamisen in Tokyo
  • Honjoh Hidegoro, Shamisen
  • Honjoh Hidejiro, Shamisen
  • Honjoh Hideeiji, Shamisen
  • Tousha Chiho, Ohayashi (drums, percussion)
  • Mochizuki Mika, Ohayashi
  • Tousha Kiyoho, Ohayashi
  • Takei Makoto, Fue & Shakuhachi (flute)

Performing Artists from Southern California

  • Matsutoyo Sato, Founder and Head Instructor of the Matsutoyo Kai Japanese Folk Music
  • Bando Hidesomi, Japanese Classical Dancer
  • Bando Hiromiya, Japanese Classical Dancer
  • Nakamura Narumi, Japanese Classical Dancer

An Afternoon of Japanese Dance

September 23, 2017 | 1:00 pm

Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple Kaikan (Hall)
815 E. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA   90012

Participating Dance Teachers:

  • Azuma Sumako II
  • Bando Hidesomi
  • Bando Hiromiya
  • Majikina Aiko
  • Nakamura Narumi
  • Wakayagi Hisame

The Art of Tokoyama:  The Japanese Traditional Dance Wig – Lecture and Demonstration

August 6, 2016 | 2:00pm

Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute
1964 W. 162nd St.
Gardena, CA  90247

Guest Artists From Japan:  Tokuo Toyotani and Kazuhiro Toyotani