IN LOVING MEMORY — We honor the pioneering trailblazers of Nihon Buyo.

Bando Mitsuhiro

Five years have gone by since the passing of our beloved teacher, or Oshishosan, Bando Mitsuhiro.  We cherish many fond memories of her, and we celebrate her life and honor her and the impact she has had on our lives.
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Fujima Chiseye

1916 – 2005

Fujima Chiseye Bio

Fujima Chiseye

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Azuma Sumako II

image crest Azuma School
Sanjo Kanyo V

1921 – 1989

Sanjo Kanya V Bio

Sanjo Kanya V

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Sanjo Kangiku

crest of Sanjo school

Madame Fujima Kansuma